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Are you looking for FREE study materials for
your youth group or Sunday school class?

This site is helpful for everyone—not just youth! Click on the links below to access study materials for parents (family devotions), Sunday school teachers, Bible school helpers, youth leaders, and young people (personal devotions). Feel free to use these items to further your work for the Lord.

If you desire to grow spiritually, you will need to read your Bible and spend time in prayer.

Remember, the Word of God serves the same purpose as food does to your physical body. When you fail to read your Bible, it is like skipping a meal—your "spiritual man" gets weaker and weaker, and as a result, you lack the strength you need to fight against Satan, your enemy.

Here are some resources that will help you in your personal devotions ...

Bible Studies

Bible Reading and Study Tools

Online Stories

Use caution when leaving this page and note that our linking to these sites is not a recommendation; nor does it mean that we support or endorse all information contained therein.

Suggested Reading

Our main church site offers other study materials in printable format for personal use.

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