A Brief History of the Church of God at God's Acres

The Church of God at God's Acres
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Humble Beginnings

In the latter part of the nineteenth century, D.S. Warner recognized the beautiful, biblical truth of Christian unity. Thereupon was the birth in modern times of the Church of God Reformation. D.S. Warner, along with other pioneer ministers, truly denied themselves in the spreading of the Gospel message, suffering great hardships with little remuneration for their efforts. But God blessed their labors and sacrifice with a movement that had congregations carrying the truth of the early church to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Early in the nineteenth century, the firm convictions of these early pioneers was brought to Newark, Ohio. Evangelist Brother Andy Byers preached in the Newark area, and a congregation was established in the Rocky Fork community. A group of saints began to gather in the basement of the Licking County Courthouse. Then they began to worship in a storefront located on South William and Grant Streets. In 1916 the saints acquired a small brick building on the corner of Sixth and Locust streets in Newark, Ohio.


Brother E. E. Caldwell was the first permanent shepherd of the local congregation (1919). Once Brother Caldwell resigned (1925), the congregation was left without a pastor. God heard the prayers of the saints and called a tiller of the soil who was residing in the Rocky Fork community, Brother W. A. Wilson, to shepherd the flock.

God blessed Brother W. A. Wilson's ministry, and many converts were added to the church. More room was required for Sunday school and was obtained by excavating a basement under the old building. This seemingly impossible feat was accomplished by prayer and the free-hearted labors of the pastor and his relatively small congregation.

During the years of Brother W. A. Wilson's ministry, he not only pastored the local work but was active in evangelistic work as well. He was invaluable in establishing and promoting the work of God in southeastern Ohio. Salvation from sin and divine healing were realized by a host of people through his ministry.

The work of God grew and prospered in the 29 years that Brother W. A. Wilson pastored. It soon became apparent that the congregation was quickly outgrowing the old church building. In 1940 a building fund was started. After several leads were investigated, God opened the way for the purchase of the adjoining property. In July of 1949 a house on this site was torn down by the congregation. The ground was broken for the new building the first week in October of the same year. After nearly two years of continued efforts by the pastor, builder, and the congregation, this building was dedicated in 1951.

Old Barn

A Vision of Good Things to Come

Shortly before his death, God laid a vision of a campground on the heart of Brother Wilson. In this vision, he saw men and women of different colors, races, and nationalities coming together to hear the Gospel preached.

After much time in prayer, his vision became a reality in September of 1954 when God provided for the purchase of the tract of land known today as "God's Acres." A barn was converted into a tabernacle and an old corn crib was made into a lunchstand. An old log house served as the first dormitory and weekend meetings were held.

Brother Wilson often said that he would not live to see the first service, and true enough, October 2, 1954, he was called to be with the Lord. After his death, his son, Brother Emerson Wilson answered God's call to lead the congregation.

To the Glory of God

Brother E. A. Wilson was instrumental in fulfilling the vision of his father. In June of 1955, "God's Acres" was set apart and dedicated to the Lord's service. Since that day, the grounds have been used each year for old-fashioned camp meetings where people from all over the United States and around the world come to worship God and hear the Gospel preached.

As the congregation grew, the old church building downtown became inadequate. After much prayer, the decision was made to build a new building that would meet the needs of the congregation and the camp meetings. A new tabernacle was designed and engineered by the local brethren, and on Sunday, June 29, 1969, it was dedicated to the glory of God. Brother E. A. Wilson faithfully served as pastor of the congregation for 33 years until his death on April 11, 1987.

Truth Marches On

In May of 1987, Brother Roger Decker answered God's call to become the new pastor. Over the years many people have come and gone since the old tabernacle downtown was first dedicated in 1951. But one thing is certain—the Gospel is still being preached and lived in the hearts of men and women who have yielded their lives to His service. Souls are still being saved, and as in days past, people still come from around the world three times each year to worship the Lord at camp meeting—all to the glory of God!

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