What does the Bible say about divine healing?

Healing of our bodies may be obtained by praying for oneself, but more frequently by the united prayers of God-called ministers and elders.

  • James 5:13-15
  • Mark 16:18
  • Acts 28:8

In case of the impossibility of contacting Bible-believing elders for the laying on of hands for healing, handkerchiefs and cloths may be anointed and sent to the afflicted one.

  • Acts 19:1-2

Healing is a gift of God and rests entirely on one's degree of faith.

  • Romans 14:22
  • Matthew 19:29; 17:20

The Bible does not forbid the use of medicine or the consulting of doctors; neither does it encourage their use. Divine healing is not the combined use of medicine and the prayers of the saints; it is the divine intervention of God.

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